The Story of a dream

The "Shooting Chefs" project is a dynamic fusion of culinary and visual arts, presenting a collection of powerful photographs that celebrate chefs' dedication and creativity. Through emotional storytelling, these images transcend the boundaries of food and art, inviting viewers into a sensory experience.

I seek to not only capture remarkable visuals but also to cultivate an enriched understanding of how art and gastronomy intertwine. As we embark on this journey, I aim to redefine the way people perceive food and art, leaving an indelible mark on the creative landscape and igniting a newfound passion for the intersection of flavors and visuals.

My vision for the "Shooting Chefs" project is to create an immersive visual journey that bridges the gap between the culinary and visual arts.


By creating a series of evocative photographs that capture the intensity and artistry of chefs at work I want to pay tribute to the legacy of "White Heat" and channel the spirit of Bob Carlos Clarke.

The intention is to craft each image as a canvas that tells stories of dedication, innovation, and emotion, invoking a sensory experience that celebrates both food and the art of photography.

This project's vision extends beyond the photographs themselves. I envision a platform where culinary enthusiasts, artists, and the general public come together to engage in conversations about creativity, innovation, and the artistic essence of culinary craftsmanship. Through exhibitions, workshops, and virtual events, I aspire to create an ecosystem where the culinary and visual worlds coalesce, sparking inspiration and appreciation for the art forms.

OK, so what is the money going to be used for?

Offering financial support to the "Shooting Chefs" project can come with several benefits for individuals or organizations who choose to do so:

  1. Supporting Artistic Expression:
  2. By financially supporting the project, you enable the continuation of a unique and artistic endeavor that bridges the gap between culinary and visual arts. This support promotes creative expression in both fields.
  3. Contributing to Cultural Enrichment:
  4. "Shooting Chefs" aims to redefine how people perceive food and art, enriching our cultural landscape. Your financial support helps contribute to this cultural enrichment by fostering a deeper appreciation for the intersection of flavors and visuals.
  5. Promoting Culinary Artistry:
  6. Your support directly promotes the culinary arts by showcasing the artistry of chefs involved and their dedication to their craft. This can inspire aspiring chefs and elevate the culinary world as a whole.
  7. Exposure and Recognition: Depending on the level of support, sponsors and donors may receive recognition in project exhibitions, publications, or on the project's website and social media channels, providing exposure and potential brand visibility.
  8. Community Engagement: Supporting "Shooting Chefs" can create a sense of community engagement, as you become a part of a project that not only celebrates the arts but also brings people together around a shared appreciation for culinary and visual creativity.
  9. Impact on Future Projects: Financial support can contribute to the success of "Shooting Chefs" and potentially enable future projects that continue to explore the boundaries of art and gastronomy, leaving a lasting legacy.
  10. Exclusive Content and Events: Some donors may receive exclusive content, previews, or invitations to special events related to the project, providing a unique and immersive experience.
  11. Fulfillment of Philanthropic Goals: For philanthropic individuals or organizations, supporting "Shooting Chefs" aligns with a mission to promote art, culture, and creativity, fulfilling their philanthropic goals and making a positive impact.
  12. Personal Satisfaction: Knowing that your financial support helps bring this visionary project to life can be personally satisfying and fulfilling, contributing to the realization of a creative vision.
  13. Support the hospitality sector: Each pledge will ensure a seamless execution of the project and effective communication of the visual narrative to a broader audience.
  14. All those participating in the project are free to use their images to promote their businesses.

In summary, financial support for the "Shooting Chefs" project not only contributes to the project's success but also aligns with cultural enrichment, artistic expression, and the promotion of culinary and visual arts. It offers a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations to be part of a creative journey that celebrates the intersection of flavors and visuals while leaving a meaningful mark on the artistic landscape.

More Information

Some links if you wish to find out more before deciding:

How Can I Help?

There are two big ways in which you can help right here, right now.

  • The first is to contribute to the Kickstarter project - there's a range of options aimed at fitting every budget. If you feel that you can support the aims of this campaign, signing up at whatever level feels right for you will be most appreciated. 
  • The other way is to share news of the project and the crowdfunder far and wide - whether you feel able to contribute or not, sharing word of the campaign, encouraging others to look, which is just as valuable! Share it on the socials, email those you think might be interested. It all helps.

Thank you for taking the time to have a read, and thank you in advance for your support, in whatever way you feel best able to support getting this message out. 

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